Sunday, August 17, 2014

Since I don't have holidays in August (September will always be my favorite month) me and my sister decided to go to Paris for a long weekend. It was not my first time in the city of lights but there's always new things to see and do there. 
I took the opportunity to finally visit the Louvre, to show some famous places to my sister (she was only 8 years old last time she went to Paris) and to chill out by the Seine. Oh, and I almost forgot, I finally tried Big Fernand's delicious burgers!! If you're planning to visit Paris you can't miss them, they are to die for!

We'll always have Paris.


  1. Sonho em um dia ir aqui :) Gostei das fotos, Paris é mesmo lindo :)

  2. Paris é o maior amor. Que saudades que eu já tenho dessa cidade!

  3. Estive em Paris por 12 horas e não consegui manter a minha indiferença que tinha pela cidade. Rendi-me.


  4. Paris, Paris, Paris, es magia!


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